a place to belong


Weld offers safe, dignified, clean and sober housing for former prisoners and those in recovery from addiction. Housing members are expected to be actively engaged in their reentry. They work, they volunteer, and they attend community meetings. But mostly, they belong. 

Helping a person released from prison or jail find a safe place to live is critical to reducing homelessness and recidivism, as well as helping to ensure stability for the children, families, and communities of those former inmates. Research has shown that people who do not find stable housing in the community are more likely to return to prison than those who do.

In 2017, the City of Seattle passed landmark legislation making it illegal for landlords to discriminate against people with a criminal records. The Fair Chance Housing Ordinance is an important first step that looks to have a positive impact on Weld members residing in Seattle. We continue to advocate for those outside of the city limits, aiming to see this legislation spread throughout the county, state, and nation.

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