Dear Weld Supporter,

As you may have heard, Weld Seattle has grown spectacularly over the past year. The demand for our services has surged, with new requests for housing and resources rising each month. But with the support of engaged members of our community, we can meet this need! This month we received a generous gift from Seattle real estate firm Chapman Homes with Windemere. They have graciously offered to match any donations we receive this week up to $10,000. Will you step up between now and August 2nd to help us multiply this gift? Your contribution can give someone an honest chance at a fresh start.

Someone like Cassie:

Cassie was released from incarceration a little over a year ago. Since then, everything has changed. But let her tell you about it:

“When I was released from prison, I needed something to change. I wanted to be sober—I didn’t want to go back to that same life.

I knew needed a fresh start and to surround myself with people I could learn from. But I didn’t know what my options were, and had no clue what I was doing.

When I came into contact with Weld, I saw people who had these magnificent lives, and I wanted that. I moved into a Weld house. The relationships that I’ve gained in the past year are breathtaking, some of the strongest I’ve ever had in my life. The more than I’m around these people, the more my eyes are opening to what’s in store, what’s possible for me. It keeps happening.

I have a home now. I’ve worked at my job for a year. I come home at night and feel 100% secure that I can lie down and sleep safely. I know that with their support, no matter what happens we can work through it. Wow – how awesome is that? How wonderful is that?!”

Here at Weld, it’s our privilege to have a front-row seat to inspiring stories like Cassie’s. She is proof positive that extraordinary things can happen when people are met with the right resources at the right time.

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Will you step up and help us multiply Chapman Homes’ generous gift this week?
Together, we can tell more stories of home and healing.  

*For every real estate sale, Chapman Homes with Windemere helps to fund a neighborhood non-profit. It’s called social real estate, and it’s a revolutionary way to do business. Are you buying or selling a home and want to share the good fortune? Choose Chapman Homes as your realtor and tell them we sent you— a 20% donation will be passed on to Weld to help us continue our work.