What Our Partners Are Saying

“Working with Weld has been a fantastic arrangement. Our company benefits by having otherwise vacant (and squatter-prone) buildings occupied and cared for, and once our agreement is signed, we don’t have to think about that property anymore. Weld handles all of the details and makes supporting them very easy. The people are wonderful, and the mission is solid. This really is the best solution for builders/developers with vacant buildings.”

Erich Armbruster, Ashworth Homes


“Rarely have I been so impressed by the mission, leadership, and results of an organization. Not only does Weld Seattle create “hand-up” opportunities for those willing to work for their own personal success, they cover the expense of this program by recovering temporarily unusable assets. As a builder of higher-end housing in Seattle, they make it easy for me to do my part to donate the use of properties awaiting urban renewal. This is a perfect public/private partnership. We desperately need more of this goodness in Seattle!”

Dave Webber, Oddjob Construction LLC

Weld & Developers

Weld’s success is dependent upon our vital partnerships with local Real Estate Developers. Their donations of vacant homes for temporary use in our programs allow us to keep overhead lean and our members flourishing.

Get Involved

Do you have a vacant property? You can temporarily donate it to Weld for use as a clean-and-sober living home for approved members. These residents will be overseen by Weld staff, and include a trusted “house manager” living on site. Members are required to undergo regular drug testing, participate in recovery activities, make financial contributions and maintain employment. Your donation can help someone with the jump start they need to get back on their feet and back in the game.

Everyone Wins

When developers temporarily donate property to Weld, they put their properties to good use for a good cause. Our partnership prevents these unoccupied spaces from becoming magnets for squatters and crime—last year alone, over 440 complaints were filed with the City of Seattle because of squatters on vacant properties. Moreover, developers who partner with Weld are given an opportunity to build goodwill in the community by contributing in an impactful, measurable way. Our partnerships are the bedrock of real solutions that transform lives.   

Wait, There’s More

Weld's homes are designated by King County as Transitional Housing. This means that under RCW 84.36.043 your property may qualify for tax exemption. We'll even help you file the paperwork.

Along with the property tax exemption, as a 501(c)3 organization we're also able to provide an in-kind gift receipt for the fair market rental value of the home over the period it's donated. Our unique model creates the kind of mutually beneficial relationships that enable both businesses and people to thrive.

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