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Each year, over 2 million Americans are incarcerated and more than 650,000 are released from prison.When released, these individuals face employment prospects that are worse than during the Great Depression. Because of persistent discrimination against people with criminal records, nearly 75 percent will remain unemployed a year after release. The barriers to re-entry are so high it's not surprising that almost half will wind up back in prison. In fact, research indicates that joblessness is the single most important predictor of recidivism.

Enter Weld Works…

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A new transitional labor initiative from Weld Seattle aims to address the pressing challenges of re-entry in our community . Weld Works serves as a transitional labor program to connect people with employment opportunities in construction, clean-up, and general labor services. We empower our members with valuable skills and safety training and provide them with tools for basic projects.Weld Works acts as a trusted liaison between a willing and talented labor force and the business community, fostering mutually beneficial relationships. Serving King and Snohomish Counties,the program’s model facilitates transitions from temporary to permanent employment. We reduce risk and liability for our business partners by including protections like L&I insurance. Weld Works gives people in transition a path to dignified, long-term employment and counters the shortfall of workers in our booming city.Weld Works is a division of Weld Seattle, whose mission is to equip system impacted individuals with housing, employment and resources conducive to recovery and successful reintegration.

Each year, Weld continues to grow in size and impact. Weld’s recidivism rate stands at just 3%, as compared to the national average of 77%. The rate of relapse following substance abuse treatment for Weld members is just 11%, well below the national average of 60%.


Want more info?

Contact Program Manager Jay Pershing at:

Jay@weldseattle.org or (206) 972-8033